ManageExpress iManage

Centralized provisioning, monitoring and management for Unified Communications.

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ManageExpress iManage securely manages networked IP communication devices – Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Express and Unity Connection. ManageExpress iManage enforces consistency and simplifies adds, moves, and changes, reducing operational costs in a distributed environment.

ManageExpress iManage offers a reliable and responsive solution for device deployment, administration and regular maintenance. The centralized provisioning, monitoring and management capabilities of ManageExpress iManage work directly with Cisco Integrated Service Routers, and Integrated Access Devices.

ManageExpress iManage supports features tailored for the retail industry to manage routine voice operations with minimal effort, allowing organizations to stay focused on business needs.


Streamline Provisioning

Enables bulk device provisioning as well as adds, moves, or changes from anywhere, anytime.

Custom Views

Presents customized views of data and configurations for distributors, partners and resellers from the same platform.

Easily Manage Multiple Sites

Utilizes a single sign-on to span across multiple domains and configurations using disparate protocols.

Flexible Architecture

Enables service providers to provide unique solutions and feature integrations using Cisco hardware.

Lower Operational Costs

Automates time-consuming centralized network management processes, reducing their operational cost.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

Generates useful reports so owners and managers can make informed decisions that impact business performance.


Additional Key Features

  • Phone Management allows for the user to add phones, change button configurations, and troubleshoot business phones.

  • Charts and graphs show the call volume by hour or week and are able to identify answered and abandoned calls. Queue reports are able show the volume of abandoned calls in comparison to the total number of calls.

  • Manage call routing with a visual Dial Peer configuration manager

  • Audit device configurations with the Search Configuration tool. Provides audit trails which give insight into the who, what, where, and when.

Supported Products

  • Cisco ISR 1900, 2800, 3800, and 3900 series

  • Cisco ISR 4000 series with CUE

  • Cisco Business Edition 4000 Series with CUE

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager through version 11 (UC module)

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express through version 10

  • Cisco Unity Connection version 11 (UC module)

  • Cisco Unity Express through version 10

  • Cisco Analog Voice Gateways