ManageExpress Border Manager

Reduce operational costs by managing SIP configurations.

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ManageExpress Border Manager (MEBM) enables seamless delivery of Cisco's Session Border Control - Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE). Reduce operational costs by managing high availability and provisioning SIP applications and providers all from a single user interface. Manage policies to detect, notify and log call events.

MEBM is designed as a unified solution which offers extensibility that can be leveraged to automate real world tasks. By utilizing a limited number of subject matter experts to create templates for commonly performed tasks, you empower junior staff to manage them on a day-to-day basis and reduce the chance of errors. Not only does this simplify management, but it also frees up your experts to deal with more complex tasks.

The Monitoring and Troubleshooting features of MEBM provides a window into the performance of the CUBE environments. A large number of call quality metrics are available, like Mean Opinion Score (MoS), Delay, Jitter, and Loss. These are also broken down by ingress and egress and at time intervals within a specific call. If additional information is required for troubleshooting, MEBM can instantiate logging of SIP debugs that can then be seen in a graphical SIP Ladder diagram with the ability to view the messages at each SIP leg.




Provision Cisco Session Border controllers

Enables a rapid, simplified and secure delivery of CUBE from a single unified management solution, reducing your total cost of ownership.


Call volume, quality, and resolution monitoring

Provides monitoring, investigating, and reporting functions for call quality in real time. The single pane user interface makes it user friendly and allows for topside view of call quality on multiple border controllers, as well as the ability to look at each call by itself.


Built-in templates for initial configuration

Easily configurable and manageable; MEBM can handle a number of SIP providers and applications, ensuring a high availability of VoIP.


Device and policy management through web UI

Voice policy management is provided throughout the entire call path with real time monitoring and notifications.



ADditional Key Features

  • Simplified provisioning and management

  • Uniform policies across all Session Border Controllers

  • Call Detail Record reporting

  • Voice quality monitoring

  • SIP ladder diagrams

  • Trunk monitoring with alerts

Supported Products

  • Cisco ISR 2900 series

  • Cisco ISR 3900 series

  • Cisco 4000 series

  • Cisco ASR 1000 series

  • Cisco CSR 1000V virtualized router platform